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Mechanical Engineering

What is Mechanical Engineering ?

Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering that applies the principles of engineering, physics and material design for the design, production and operation of machinery.

Mechanical engineers use principles of mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity, materials science and others to design and analyze manufacturing plants, industrial equipment, machinery, aircraft, robots, weapons and others.

What does a mechanical engineer do ?

Mechanical engineers create and build mechanical devices. They apply the fundamentals of science and math to create practical, useful solutions that the rest of us can use. The mechanical engineering field is diverse; some of the most common functions related to mechanical engineering is as follows: Product Design, Research and Development, Manufacturing, Design Machines and System Members.

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Industries/Companies Who Hire Mechanical Engineers

Automobile and auto part manufacturers Aerospace industry Various Government sector undertakings Aviation companies Steel plants Thermal plants and gas turbine manufacturers Air conditioning and refrigeration industry shipping industry Engineering consultancies Armed forces.

What is the scope of mechanical engineering?

There is a huge demand for skilled mechanical engineers in India and abroad. The expertise of a mechanical engineer is required in manufacturing industries like automobiles, aviation, etc. In the recent times and due to the advent in technology, the skill of a mechanical engineer is sought in fields such as nano-technology, biomedical engineering, energy conservation and more, paid career option.

Mechanical Engineering