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Mechatronics Engineering

What is Mechatronics Engineering ?

Mechatronics is a field of engineering that includes study with a combination of various engineering disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, telecommunication, control and computer engineering.

The aim of mechatronics is a design process that unifies all the above disciplines of engineering.

Mechatronics industry employs both engineers to design and develop equipments and technicians to maintain it.

Career Options in Mechatronics ?

The profession of mechatronics includes technicians and engineers. They design and maintain automated equipment.

Technicians and engineers work in laboratories, offices or on-site manufacturing plants.

The goal is to produce safe and efficient automated equipment.

Technicians primarily maintain machinery, while engineers are more concerned with design and development of components and products.

Mechatronics Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering

Associate degree in mechatronics/Associate of Applied Science in Mechatronics

Diploma in mechatronics is a 3 year programme, it prepares students for entry-level programmes.
The programmes primarily focus on practical application.

Bachelor degree in mechatronics/Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics

A bachelore's degree programme in mechatronics is a year course after completion of Diploma.

Mechatronics Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering

Scope and job opportunities for Mechatronics Engineering

Though there is no specific data to track employment for mechatronics professionals, in the recent years there has been increasing demand for mechatronics professionals in terms of employment in comparison to other engineers. Mechatronics engineer. Uses mechanical, computer and controls knowledge to design and create products, Robotics technician. Software engineer, Industrial designer, Mechanical systems engineer, Programmer, Mechanical engineer, Mechanical design engineer