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Rules & Regulations and The Code of Conduct for the Students of RJS Polytechnic


All those applicants who get admission to RJS Polytechnic are duty bound to strictly adhere to the following laid down rules & regulations after becoming the students of the institution

Students must produce the Identity Cards issued by the Institution as and when demanded by the official authorities.

Students should not stand or loiter on the corridors during class hours.

Students are not allowed to leave the class rooms / laboratories without the permission of the lecturers / instructional staff.

Students should not bring outsiders inside the premises of the institution.

Disciplinary action will be initiated against those students who are found in possession of or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Books / periodicals / Magazines / papers of an objectionable nature should not be brought into the premises of the Institution.

Both boys and girls are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and maturity in their Inter relationship. They must observe norms of decency and propriety while they are in the premises of the Institution

The premises of the Institution must be kept clean at all times. Littering with wrappers & waste papers, defacing the walls or desks, damaging Institute's property are offences and as such they attract the imposition of heavy penalties / severe punishment

Students should not involve in any kind of unlawful activities that violate the decorum, discipline and dignity of the Institution.

Students should not bring / possess and use mobile phones in the premises of the Institution. If any student is found of using mobile phones, the same is confiscated and will not be return at any cost under any circumstances.

Riding of two wheeler rashly inside the premises of the Institution is prohibited.